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Our Services.

Structural Engineering

Simpson TWS has an impressive portfolio demonstrating a true depth of experience, skill and imagination in structural design. Our success is built on our commitment to technical excellence and our close working relationships with clients, fellow professionals and contractors.

By understanding our client's objectives and ambitions, we can consistently apply optimum engineering design principles at all stages of projects. Our heritage allows us to combine extensive experience with an openness to new ideas and concepts.

Our ethos is to strive to achieve efficient, elegant, and economical design, based on early collaboration with members of the design team and a clear understanding of structural systems, material constraints, the site and its surroundings.

This approach to design and construction, allows buildings to emerge as a truly successful development with a shared commitment to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

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Structural Engineering

Civil & Infrastructure

Our Civil and Infrastructure teams provide a comprehensive service including master planning, detail design and transport planning. This is an integral part of our overall service and we take full advantage of the synergies and opportunities flowing from a coordinated engineering approach to give our clients the best possible designs for acquisitions and developments.

Our objective is to realise the maximum potential of sites in sympathy with environmental standards and planning constraints as well as the wider community. Our aim is to create sustainable environments for enjoyment now and into the future.


Intelligent Flood Risk Assessments are increasingly the key to unlocking difficult sites and realising maximum asset value for our clients whilst ensuring safe occupancy and protection of buildings. We excel in the design and development of innovative Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and liaise directly with the Environment Agency and Local Environmental Offices to achieve targeted and cost-effective design solutions.

State of the art software tools are employed to maximise economy in ground modelling design for earthworks and highways, site wide drainage schemes and highway design. We are experienced in technical negotiations with water and highway authorities as well as detailed design of adopted and private drainage and highway works.

Civil & Infrastructue

Temporary Works

Engineering design from First Principles is an essential complement to our cutting-edge software-based design capabilities. Our track record in this field is an excellent illustration of the confidence we have in practical engineering skills developed over many years of hands-on experience.

We provide temporary works design support to main and demolition contractors dealing with complex projects throughout the UK. This work involves truly creative engineering design in often extremely challenging situations and always to a demanding programme.

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Temporary Works


We are acutely aware of the impact of our industry on the global carbon footprint and of our responsibility to reduce the impact of our activities and projects through the efficient use of materials.

We have  ISO14001 accreditation, demonstrating our commitment

to the  ongoing management of the environmental impact of our

business, and to continual improvement. With continual 

 improvement, we can work toward better processes and reduced

 environmental impacts.

Embodied carbon can make up to 20-50% of the whole life energy and carbon of a building.Our in-house embodied carbon calculator is used to compare the impact of alternative project options to identify big carbon wins and assist in setting carbon targets. The tool can be updated during a project to reflect the actual embodied carbon to ensure targets are met and to identify any areas which may require further reductions.

The importance of building green is ever important with the government setting a target of 2050 for net zero emissions and this does not necessarily have to come at a cost. A project can reduce its embodied energy and carbon by 10-20% without adding any additional costs to the build.

We model site terrain in such a way as to keep off-site disposal to a minimum to manage the environmental and economic impact of landfill.



Effective water management is integral to new developments in the UK today.

We develop intelligent flood risk assessments to unlock difficult sites whilst ensuring safe occupancy and robust construction to safeguard our client’s investment. We excel in the design and development of innovative Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and liaise directly with the Environment Agency and Local Environmental Offices in order to achieve targeted and cost-effective design solutions.

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Structural Appraisals

Site Appraisals

Simpson TWS work with a range of owners, asset managers and developers to appraise sites with a view to identifying risks, maximising development value and advising on the feasibility of development proposals. This service is carried out both prior to the purchase of sites and as part of the review of existing asset portfolios.


We have extensive experience in managing the engineering aspects of significant national acquisition programmes for numerous clients. Our acquisition appraisals are focussed on deriving the maximum potential of development sites including infrastructure strategy, foundations and ground conditions, structural options and transport planning as well as identifying wider development opportunities.


We have developed software to streamline and standardise inspection and reporting which has been extremely successful in asset management programmes for our clients. We are also retained to carry out programmed statutory inspections for industrial and commercial facilities including pipe bridges, lifting equipment and critical infrastructure.

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We have extensive experience in working with traditional materials and building systems. We match our experience and knowledge with our enthusiasm for conserving beautiful old buildings and places. We have long standing relationships with building conservation organisations including the National Trust which are testament to our expertise and understanding in the field.


Conservation can encompass re-engineering spaces for new purposes to enable buildings to continue to fulfil a useful purpose as well as the sensitive repairs and maintenance essential to ensure the continuing integrity of buildings and structures. We apply sympathetic, practical and commercially viable solutions to preserve original features where possible and respect the structural and aesthetic heritage of the buildings in our care.

Forensic Structural Analysis
Transport Planning

Transport Planning

Thoughtful planning of access and connectivity is essential to successful development. 

We plan for changes in transportation needs in the context of development and advise on potential impacts and mitigation strategies as the landscape changes. 

We work at a local level to maximise use of available sustainable travel opportunities while our adaptable and holistic approach to solving transport related issues helps to free up development ensuring a beneficial outcome for all stakeholders.  

Transports Planning
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