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Merlin Entertainments  

We have worked extensively with Merlin Entertainments on several of their theme parks including Legoland, Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventures. Recently we have been involved in the development of the lodges at Alton Towers. 

For the Stargazing Pods, we designed a cost-effective solution for the foundations, utilised sustainable drainage techniques for surface water run-off and ensured excavated material was used on-site. 

For the Enchanted Village, full engineering services were provided from concept design phase to the opening .


Legoland hotel was a fully themed hotel designed as a steel podium to first floor with light gauge steel framed superstructure forming the bedroom accommodation. Supported from a suspended piled foundation system with steel sheet piled retaining walls to boundaries. Innovative pre-cast fibre reinforced concrete cladding panels were fitted to the superstructure to create the themed facade. Surface water volumes from the site are discharged into above ground runnels which traverse tree root protection zones before discharging into attenuation swales. Surface water is stored and restricted to green field run-off rates before being discharged to a local water course. 

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